Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My first digital camera and underwater housings experience...

Here's the first digital cameras and underwater housings my wife, Pat, and I owned. Pat's kind of a techy gadget gal, and had picked up an Olympus 3040 and an underwater housing while I was still using my Sea and Sea MX10. She started having decent luck right off the bat diving with her camera. I was happy with the film camera at the time and had no interest in splurging on a digital camera.

During that time I was pretty much instructing or leading night dives about 6 days a week for another company and had some money coming in. I was finally getting the itch to think about a digital camera, I saw the Olympus D40 at Costco and saw how tiny it was and thought it might be a perfect little camera to carry, so I snapped it up and ordered in a housing.

Whoohoo! All set to jump into the amazing world of digital underwater photography!!!

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